The Next Level In Brain Training & Meditation

Echelon VR is a virtual reality app for meditation, brain training and relaxation. Offering finely tuned neurofeedback combined with meditation  practices from across the globe, we have something for everyone.  Combining  neurofeedback and meditation in an immersive virtual environment makes our app ideal for all meditators from novice to experienced. 


Meditation Modalities

Echelon VR comes with 6 meditation modalities or programs that utilize neurofeedback and/or binaural beats and additional meditations are availble for purchase as add-ons.

Chakra Meditation

5 Element Meditation

Solar Meditation

Astral Meditation

Life Force (Chi) Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

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Trouble Finding your peace? We Made An App For that.

Life is hectic and finding the time and space to meditate can seem  next to impossible. And thats if you even know where to start or how to meditate at all! At Echelon VR we have built a better way. Utilizing existing VR technologies and pioneering new uses, we’ve made it possible for anyone, from a meditation novice, to an experienced zen monk to meditate anytime anywhere in a completely immersive, guided meditation experience.